Ghost Busters: Review 

(May contain spoilers) 

First of all. The film is comedy gold. The overall plot follows quite well  to the original story. They all play their roles extremely well. But… 

There characters are stereotypes like no tomorrow. Black woman who is shown to be dumb and stupid compared to her counterparts, another dumb yet extremely strong guy (who happens to be attractive), a tech girl wizz who knows little love and the two leaders. 

Now I cant really argue about the two heads, as they both don’t fit that well into any stereotype, that I can think of, anyway. But the rest, are a bit to plain. It kinda let the film down a bit. 

Anyway, now I can talk properly. Had my rant!

The film is well made using the newest software to really turn the tools into extreme causes of ghost deaths (Yes, I did just say that) and funny explosions. Give that a return of the remaining cast in this film, with multiple cameos throughout, including our favorite marshmallow man, the film was really well created. Though the plot line was bear, the comedy joke’s really made the film one of my favs of all time. 

It is important to note that it, just like the originals is a lot more sweary than you think. 

Anyway, have any thoughts and opinions on the film. State em! 


Love: What it means to me

Now, this is a sensitive subject. Everyone has their “love”. Ask any two people. I highly doubt that they’ll say the exact same answer. And it’s quite simple why.

For some people love is the simple things. Helping out a neighbor carry their shopping, holding open the door so others can get through etc. 

Then others see it that its the big acts. Going far out of your way for the other person. For example, in the recent TV show aired on BBC (Not sure if it’s available elsewhere) Peter Kay’s car share. Where hr picks her up, even though it doubles his drive to work. 

And of course there’s some who believe love can only really be shown in the bedroom. (I didn’t state that nor do I believe it!) 

Now I’m missing out loads of different ideals here, but I’m going to state what love means to me. 

Love is the act of going out of ones way to help another or to show another a sign of affection. 

In a way its all of the previous things put together. Even the small stuff counts. 

(I’m going to further discuss love in one of my next blogs) 

The Last Jedi teaser trailer

Episode 8 of Star Wars. One more till the big ending, unless of course Disney try to milk it even further (which they probably will). 

Anyway, the trailer was released Yesterday.

So, the first 45 seconds feel like we’re watching the next Harry Potter movie. The soundtrack, then the stones being lifted through the force. It just seems more like a Harry Potter adventure. 

Then we get to the juicy bit. I quote:

Luke “What do you see?” 

Rey “Light, Darkness, the balance” 


Anyway, I’m just going to ignore that. Because the next line is important. 

Luke “Its so much bigger” 

So I’m guessing theres like a steady gradient which goes through all the different levels of grey between light and dark. No, just me… 

Otherwise its useless. Before someone thinks. But Joe,  Kylo Ren said 

“I only know one truth, it’s time for the Jedi to end”

Now sure theres a few ways of connotating that. 

  1. He’s talking about them joining the sith
  2. They quit
  3. He goes and tries to kill them all

Hate to say it, but its probably the third one. Meaning there’ll be no difference at all between him and any other sith member. 

Actually looking back, there is one more little thing to say. We saw Fin, so we can assume he didnt die of his wounds, yet. The video showed him in what looked like a white med bay, but of course in Star Wars that could be just as simply be a fighter seat and he’s closing his eyes to use the force. Kinda hope its the second of two. As something is clearly going on there… 

Touch Five Markers Review

Hello, people who randomly walked in on this review. I purchased (a few weeks ago) a set of sixty touch five markers for £30 of Amazon. A fairly good deal to say that per marker they each cost roughly 50p.

In this blog I’m going to be somewhat comparing them to two other brands. But before we get to that, a quick review. 

Personally I think that the five touch are perfect. They suit my needs plenty. I’m only a hobbyists, so spending a few hundred pounds on some markers is a lot. If I ever went professional I’d opt with another brand. (I’ll get onto that later) 

The sixty set has a wide range of colours and options. Along with the fact that it comes in its own little bag its nice. Each pen has two ends. One is a broad point, the other a fine point. The issue here of course is neither is a brush. This means less range in blending. The colours are as follows:

Colour Chart

The Competition

The first is copic. Copic have an industry wide high quality stamp of approval. Any professional artist who creates traditional media will know them and most likely have the entire set. As they are without doubt the best current brand for the majority. But they cost. A lot. So I only have a few, of which were bought as a Christmas gift a few years back. Though I hardly ever used them due to the limited range of colours. A fault which shouldn’t have stopped me but did.
Also in this Christmas gift I got some promarkers.  They are my favorite of the two. As well as being slightly cheaper than copics. 

The copics are the grey ones, the promarkers the black ones
Now due to the earlier made point of the  range of colours I only have one colour set of these colours that can actually compete against the touch five. Blue. (That might be a lie as I have a good range of skin tones as well) 

So onward with the battle. 

I decided, to suit the colour,  I’d draw a ice spike. This allows for the chance to blend plus also to see the spread of the ink. Plus its also simple to draw! 

Can I just state before this battle. I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned. Though if they wanted to sponsor I would happily look at any offers! (Joking!) 

I’d also like to mention that this is not fair. The promarkers and copics are worth more and more expensive compared to their competition. Plus they are different brands. This may mean issue with spreading the colour between the two allowing for an even blend. 

The Battle Grounds

The pens that Im using are as follows:

Touch Five:

  • Cerulean Blue 63
  • Pastel Blue 67
  • Prussian Blue 69

Copic/Promarker Alliance 

  • Ciao B24
  • Promarker Royal Blue
  • Promarker French Navy

Now to see the work

The result was as expected. The copic didn’t blend very well with the promarkers. But the promarkers did blend well together. The five touch blent fairly well in comparison, especially between the darker colours. The reason I believe neither blended well between the light colours is because there was a lack of a mid colour between them. 

Either way, what are your thoughts and opinions on these pens. Personally for me the Five Touch win due to their price and the fact there is little difference overall between them, for a hobbyists. 

Do you have these pens? What do you think? 

Thanks for reading this and I hope it was useful! 

Doctor Who? 

For those who dont know. Doctor Who is a TV show brought to life by the BBC. Its a world wide phenomenon shown across the world, from Japan to America. (As well of course its home country the UK).  A Sci-fi tv show which follows the adventures of a timelord. The Doctor. 

Now this is where it kinda gets a little odd. In simple terms he never really dies. Instead they change the actor every so often giving them new sidekicks and adventures. The current actor is Peter Capaldi. The one before him Matt Smith, before him David Tennant and so on.

Though there’s been one major issue (to the audience so far) we’ve only had men take his character role. So there’s been outcry pleading for a female character. Unfortunately I disagree with this. This is due to his mind frame. He’s a man not a woman. And it has been made clear (sorry cant give examples) that the timelords have genders. Therefore the only way I’d see a female doctor was if she acted like a stereotypical male adventure/crazy mechanic. For a recent reference to the sort of character I’m suggesting to look at the new ghost busters character Jillian Holtzmann. As she takes on the role a similar sort of role to what I’m discussing. 

But for me as a previously mentioned that is not the issue at hand. Instead I’m going to point out that its all been White males. Stuff gender. Race is the real issue for me anyway. Note I’m a white male, so stuff stereotypes for one second. 

Now sure there has been black characters. Such as Clara Oswalds boyfriend and in the upcoming series his new sidekick is a black woman. But zero black doctors. I’m fully aware I’m stabbing at the dark here. As I’ve heard no complaints about this before today. But surely a TV series made by the BBC especially one so long lasting can have at least one lead character that’s black. 

So there we have it. Doctor Who needs to regenerate back as a Black Woman. 


Another prompt from official WordPress.  (Though a bit late (a lot late the actual denial prompt came out last week ops)

Today I’m going to tell a story. A story of denial.

He stood there, empty faced, cold, silent. Yet there was obviously life. His slow heavy breathing gave that away. He’d been asked a question. A question which he’d denied before. Did he love her?

Till now he wasn’t sure. He wasn’t sure if love even existed. Well until yesterday. He’d been sat there quietly, just simply watching. Watching those walk past. Chatting to friends, kissing, hugging, arguing.  The usual for a school environment. But then something more. A single boy. In a white, damaged t-shirt. He looked sad . Though this seemed like more than break-up or a family meltdown. It looked like this kid had seen death. His stare was blank.

He watched as the kid didn’t move, he looked around, no one was had noticed him. Until, abruptly the school bully came past. A big guy. 6ft high with arms the size of rugby balls. He went straight for the kid,stepping right in front of him. Everyone’s attention had moved.

Then suddenly, he grasped him by the shoulders and spoke clearly ” Calm, you have no need to be sad. There’s plenty to be your friend. Throughout any hardship or evil”.

And with that the bully stepped away.  That was it. Anyone could love, anyone could be happy.

He stepped up, walked over to the boy. But suddenly he realized. It wasn’t a boy, but a girl. The hoodie she was wearing. He recognized it. A poster, a missing child poster. Her brother. He looked at her, her face, her bluenround sad eyes. He learnt his last lesson that day. He learnt the meaning of love.

She asked him a few minutes after he’d got there. “Do you love me as much as he did?”

He answered quickly “No, but I’d like to get to know you for you as a friend”. His first denial. He started recalling things about her. A few years ago they were close friends. But after it happened. It was silent between them. He’d never told her why. He’d denied it to her back then. The amount of lies and things he’d not accepted to doing had increased since then.


Todays prompt. Champion. 

The winner, the glory. Though is it worth it. Think about it. You put yourself above your competition. You may move up a league. But that stops you from doing other things. Would you rather be first place in one thing. Or come second in two. Then what sort of champion are you. The boaster. Who brings it up with every possible opportunity. Grateful, thanking everyone related to you for the support. Or the one who just doesn’t care and is just like ” eh no matter”. 

Think about it when you just strive to win. Is it really the beat choice?

Hells Fury

Currently sat down, upstairs at a desk with a laptop in front of me. Attempting to do my course work for media. Fun, absolute fun. There’s only one issue. 


But God, do my neighbors care. It’s kinda silly and I’m fully aware that Im being kinda childish but… 


Which means constant noice. Hammering etc. Just plain old irritating. I live in a ruralish village. So loud noises are kinda rare in the first place. Along with the fact that most people will have been trying to get a lie in on their day off work and school, this loud noise really hits the bucket with a nuclear machine gun. 

I dunno if I’m the only one with this issue. But I guess I’ll just have to try to ignore it. 

And there we go. Hells Fury is the anger I’d like to release. Not the dredged sound. 

I sat there, silent. Looking at the empty screen of text. In the distance I saw her, a girl. I`d loved her my whole life. Helped her whenever she needed, congratulated her on every victory. I`d even helped her get a boyfriend. I wasn’t sure if she knew, then if she did; did she love me back and was just as nervous as me, or was she just using me. I was never quite sure. I felt empty at heart but I had no choice. The current idiot she was going out with was the most popular fool in school, for some god saken reason. Maybe that`s what I needed to do, what he did… NO. I cant. That would be stupid, someone would realise then I`d be in at the deep end.

So instead of doing anything, I`ll just stay here. Waiting, for a day that`ll never come.

My brain woke up. I looked at what else was around the room. Wait, I was in the library. Not again… There was nobody else in the library except me and her, maybe I should go talk to her. No, that would be a bad idea. So, remember, why are you here? at this moment?


Yeah, homework. It required me looking online for something about some famous naval officer. Napoleon. The tiny. Ha. Looking at the screen I read the words, he was strongly in love with “Josephine Bonaparte” but her reasoning of getting to marry him was not for love, but for money. Ehhh. Another one, every single case study for history I`d read about a married couple seemed to be another fraud. I guess there is no true love in history like there is in fairy tales. No wonder I prefer them.

I continued reading about this historic couple for half an hour, before she noticed my presence. She came over quite swiftly. I knew one thing for certain. She enjoyed talking to me, but then I wasnt sure if it was just me she enjoyed speaking to, or every kid in this place. I knew, I`d never find out.

She spoke first. The words left her lips genitally with a great ease of there fall.

“Hey, Alex”

My brain thought for two seconds, quite surprised. Id forgotten the fact that our school was having a wierd day for charity. Calling everyone by their second names. Seemed odd. Oh well, better respond.

“Hey, Elizabeth” I said, half laughing from my previous thought.

She tilted her head to the right, allowing her golden blonde hair to fall to her shoulder. She was puzzled by my laughter. To be fair, I was too.

“What`s the matter with you” she questioned, straightening her face as she did so.

“Nothing, just you know. This day, calling one another by our second names. Seems a bit pointless”

“True, but its to raise money. Oh and by the way, it was my idea”

At this my brain startled. Ops. I`d forgotten. The girl I loved, was head of the student council. But, wait was it. I thought it was the idea of that new girl from America. It was her way of getting to know everyone better.

She laughed at me

“I was joking, you should see you face”

I joined her in laughing, it went on for what seemed hours until we finally recomposed ourselves. And that was that. She had to go, but I had to finish off.

Daily Prompt: Flee

via Daily Prompt: Flee

Apparently this is a thing, WordPress will give you a discussion to write about each day.

So, I guess, why not give it a go. But first overall, I needed to remember the meaning of the word prompt.According to Google it can be a few things:

  1. To encourage
  2. To do without delay
  3. (This is common to Britain) Exactly on time

I will take it as the second of the three, seeing as this is an American site. So now is the time to do it.

To Flee

To flee, is to run. Run away from a challenge. It could be as simple as washing the dishes* or as deadly as running away from a man with a knife and yet its represented in different ways, for say it could be something funny. Comedians often use the idea of fleeing now days to represent something funny. This could be either of the two. A man may flee from his wife so he doesn’t do the dishes, which I`m sure many have seen a comedy scene or two showing this fun. Or it could be the man with the knife. Another could flee away and report it to the police. In the end it was just a tree.

*Sorry realised some may have no clue what I mean by that. I mean to wash the plates, cutlery and other items after eating a meal.

Though in both situations, fleeing was shown as the wrong thing to do. But what do you think? Do you think they should have taken flight and ran or should they have stayed and learned a lesson. Leave a comment. If you`d like to read more, dont take flight and follow.

Thank you


PS. I did this wrong, I think. Well who cares, worth a go!