Victory, a quite simple word. To win. But is it. Can you lose and yet still be victorious. I`d argue you can. Say for example you (Apologies this is subjective to people who like women) battle for the heart for a girl against someone else. You try your best and yet in the end the other guy is “victorious”. Yet the girl see`s you as the better even though you lost. You showed yourself trying your best to win her over. Even though you lost, you win her heart. Well that`s one case. Because she could end up picking the victor, then you realise that she is horrible. She bullies her partner.

Who is the victor in this case?

So in away to be the victor of one thing, may lose you another thing. Another example of this is exams. You may work so hard for one exam that you run out of time to revise for another. In the end you only achieve good grades in the first and fail the second.

Overall, to be the victor, may not be the best thing. Think about it, you have more pressure on you next time. Therefore the best position to be is dead centre, cause (let`s be honest) nobody wants to come at the back. Or do they?



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