I sat there, silent. Looking at the empty screen of text. In the distance I saw her, a girl. I`d loved her my whole life. Helped her whenever she needed, congratulated her on every victory. I`d even helped her get a boyfriend. I wasn’t sure if she knew, then if she did; did she love me back and was just as nervous as me, or was she just using me. I was never quite sure. I felt empty at heart but I had no choice. The current idiot she was going out with was the most popular fool in school, for some god saken reason. Maybe that`s what I needed to do, what he did… NO. I cant. That would be stupid, someone would realise then I`d be in at the deep end.

So instead of doing anything, I`ll just stay here. Waiting, for a day that`ll never come.

My brain woke up. I looked at what else was around the room. Wait, I was in the library. Not again… There was nobody else in the library except me and her, maybe I should go talk to her. No, that would be a bad idea. So, remember, why are you here? at this moment?


Yeah, homework. It required me looking online for something about some famous naval officer. Napoleon. The tiny. Ha. Looking at the screen I read the words, he was strongly in love with “Josephine Bonaparte” but her reasoning of getting to marry him was not for love, but for money. Ehhh. Another one, every single case study for history I`d read about a married couple seemed to be another fraud. I guess there is no true love in history like there is in fairy tales. No wonder I prefer them.

I continued reading about this historic couple for half an hour, before she noticed my presence. She came over quite swiftly. I knew one thing for certain. She enjoyed talking to me, but then I wasnt sure if it was just me she enjoyed speaking to, or every kid in this place. I knew, I`d never find out.

She spoke first. The words left her lips genitally with a great ease of there fall.

“Hey, Alex”

My brain thought for two seconds, quite surprised. Id forgotten the fact that our school was having a wierd day for charity. Calling everyone by their second names. Seemed odd. Oh well, better respond.

“Hey, Elizabeth” I said, half laughing from my previous thought.

She tilted her head to the right, allowing her golden blonde hair to fall to her shoulder. She was puzzled by my laughter. To be fair, I was too.

“What`s the matter with you” she questioned, straightening her face as she did so.

“Nothing, just you know. This day, calling one another by our second names. Seems a bit pointless”

“True, but its to raise money. Oh and by the way, it was my idea”

At this my brain startled. Ops. I`d forgotten. The girl I loved, was head of the student council. But, wait was it. I thought it was the idea of that new girl from America. It was her way of getting to know everyone better.

She laughed at me

“I was joking, you should see you face”

I joined her in laughing, it went on for what seemed hours until we finally recomposed ourselves. And that was that. She had to go, but I had to finish off.


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