Another prompt from official WordPress.  (Though a bit late (a lot late the actual denial prompt came out last week ops)

Today I’m going to tell a story. A story of denial.

He stood there, empty faced, cold, silent. Yet there was obviously life. His slow heavy breathing gave that away. He’d been asked a question. A question which he’d denied before. Did he love her?

Till now he wasn’t sure. He wasn’t sure if love even existed. Well until yesterday. He’d been sat there quietly, just simply watching. Watching those walk past. Chatting to friends, kissing, hugging, arguing.  The usual for a school environment. But then something more. A single boy. In a white, damaged t-shirt. He looked sad . Though this seemed like more than break-up or a family meltdown. It looked like this kid had seen death. His stare was blank.

He watched as the kid didn’t move, he looked around, no one was had noticed him. Until, abruptly the school bully came past. A big guy. 6ft high with arms the size of rugby balls. He went straight for the kid,stepping right in front of him. Everyone’s attention had moved.

Then suddenly, he grasped him by the shoulders and spoke clearly ” Calm, you have no need to be sad. There’s plenty to be your friend. Throughout any hardship or evil”.

And with that the bully stepped away.  That was it. Anyone could love, anyone could be happy.

He stepped up, walked over to the boy. But suddenly he realized. It wasn’t a boy, but a girl. The hoodie she was wearing. He recognized it. A poster, a missing child poster. Her brother. He looked at her, her face, her bluenround sad eyes. He learnt his last lesson that day. He learnt the meaning of love.

She asked him a few minutes after he’d got there. “Do you love me as much as he did?”

He answered quickly “No, but I’d like to get to know you for you as a friend”. His first denial. He started recalling things about her. A few years ago they were close friends. But after it happened. It was silent between them. He’d never told her why. He’d denied it to her back then. The amount of lies and things he’d not accepted to doing had increased since then.


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