Love: What it means to me

Now, this is a sensitive subject. Everyone has their “love”. Ask any two people. I highly doubt that they’ll say the exact same answer. And it’s quite simple why.

For some people love is the simple things. Helping out a neighbor carry their shopping, holding open the door so others can get through etc. 

Then others see it that its the big acts. Going far out of your way for the other person. For example, in the recent TV show aired on BBC (Not sure if it’s available elsewhere) Peter Kay’s car share. Where hr picks her up, even though it doubles his drive to work. 

And of course there’s some who believe love can only really be shown in the bedroom. (I didn’t state that nor do I believe it!) 

Now I’m missing out loads of different ideals here, but I’m going to state what love means to me. 

Love is the act of going out of ones way to help another or to show another a sign of affection. 

In a way its all of the previous things put together. Even the small stuff counts. 

(I’m going to further discuss love in one of my next blogs) 


2 thoughts on “Love: What it means to me

  1. Hey! I saw your post on the community Pool!
    When I first opened your blog, I was definitely a bit confused as my screen was just showing white, but actually I really like it. Its a very unique stylistic decision. Nicely done!
    Hope you come check us out as well!


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