Ghost Busters: Review 

(May contain spoilers) 

First of all. The film is comedy gold. The overall plot follows quite well  to the original story. They all play their roles extremely well. But… 

There characters are stereotypes like no tomorrow. Black woman who is shown to be dumb and stupid compared to her counterparts, another dumb yet extremely strong guy (who happens to be attractive), a tech girl wizz who knows little love and the two leaders. 

Now I cant really argue about the two heads, as they both don’t fit that well into any stereotype, that I can think of, anyway. But the rest, are a bit to plain. It kinda let the film down a bit. 

Anyway, now I can talk properly. Had my rant!

The film is well made using the newest software to really turn the tools into extreme causes of ghost deaths (Yes, I did just say that) and funny explosions. Give that a return of the remaining cast in this film, with multiple cameos throughout, including our favorite marshmallow man, the film was really well created. Though the plot line was bear, the comedy joke’s really made the film one of my favs of all time. 

It is important to note that it, just like the originals is a lot more sweary than you think. 

Anyway, have any thoughts and opinions on the film. State em!