Touch Five Markers Review

Hello, people who randomly walked in on this review. I purchased (a few weeks ago) a set of sixty touch five markers for £30 of Amazon. A fairly good deal to say that per marker they each cost roughly 50p.

In this blog I’m going to be somewhat comparing them to two other brands. But before we get to that, a quick review. 

Personally I think that the five touch are perfect. They suit my needs plenty. I’m only a hobbyists, so spending a few hundred pounds on some markers is a lot. If I ever went professional I’d opt with another brand. (I’ll get onto that later) 

The sixty set has a wide range of colours and options. Along with the fact that it comes in its own little bag its nice. Each pen has two ends. One is a broad point, the other a fine point. The issue here of course is neither is a brush. This means less range in blending. The colours are as follows:

Colour Chart

The Competition

The first is copic. Copic have an industry wide high quality stamp of approval. Any professional artist who creates traditional media will know them and most likely have the entire set. As they are without doubt the best current brand for the majority. But they cost. A lot. So I only have a few, of which were bought as a Christmas gift a few years back. Though I hardly ever used them due to the limited range of colours. A fault which shouldn’t have stopped me but did.
Also in this Christmas gift I got some promarkers.  They are my favorite of the two. As well as being slightly cheaper than copics. 

The copics are the grey ones, the promarkers the black ones
Now due to the earlier made point of the  range of colours I only have one colour set of these colours that can actually compete against the touch five. Blue. (That might be a lie as I have a good range of skin tones as well) 

So onward with the battle. 

I decided, to suit the colour,  I’d draw a ice spike. This allows for the chance to blend plus also to see the spread of the ink. Plus its also simple to draw! 

Can I just state before this battle. I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned. Though if they wanted to sponsor I would happily look at any offers! (Joking!) 

I’d also like to mention that this is not fair. The promarkers and copics are worth more and more expensive compared to their competition. Plus they are different brands. This may mean issue with spreading the colour between the two allowing for an even blend. 

The Battle Grounds

The pens that Im using are as follows:

Touch Five:

  • Cerulean Blue 63
  • Pastel Blue 67
  • Prussian Blue 69

Copic/Promarker Alliance 

  • Ciao B24
  • Promarker Royal Blue
  • Promarker French Navy

Now to see the work

The result was as expected. The copic didn’t blend very well with the promarkers. But the promarkers did blend well together. The five touch blent fairly well in comparison, especially between the darker colours. The reason I believe neither blended well between the light colours is because there was a lack of a mid colour between them. 

Either way, what are your thoughts and opinions on these pens. Personally for me the Five Touch win due to their price and the fact there is little difference overall between them, for a hobbyists. 

Do you have these pens? What do you think? 

Thanks for reading this and I hope it was useful! 



Everyone has their dreams, their wants, what they aim to achieve. Some strive to be the best at football and other sports, whilst others aim to be master artists or physicians. For me, my dream is designing. I love the world of art but more precisely the art involved in logos. Its a strange love but something I will never deny my self. So recently I acquired the Adobe Creative Cloud. So my last two weeks have been fairly busy…

Anyway, I thought I`d share my art on here. This is very basic and was made to go along side my YouTube channel.

Well here it is!


The second of the two was made for a friend. He`s nicknamed after a certain robot that the world of geeks has come to love: BB8. The little orange and white robot in the recent film: Star Wars VII The Force Awakens.


Remember; your dreams are yours, follow them till you die.