Love: What it means to me

Now, this is a sensitive subject. Everyone has their “love”. Ask any two people. I highly doubt that they’ll say the exact same answer. And it’s quite simple why.

For some people love is the simple things. Helping out a neighbor carry their shopping, holding open the door so others can get through etc. 

Then others see it that its the big acts. Going far out of your way for the other person. For example, in the recent TV show aired on BBC (Not sure if it’s available elsewhere) Peter Kay’s car share. Where hr picks her up, even though it doubles his drive to work. 

And of course there’s some who believe love can only really be shown in the bedroom. (I didn’t state that nor do I believe it!) 

Now I’m missing out loads of different ideals here, but I’m going to state what love means to me. 

Love is the act of going out of ones way to help another or to show another a sign of affection. 

In a way its all of the previous things put together. Even the small stuff counts. 

(I’m going to further discuss love in one of my next blogs) 


Daily Prompt: Flee

via Daily Prompt: Flee

Apparently this is a thing, WordPress will give you a discussion to write about each day.

So, I guess, why not give it a go. But first overall, I needed to remember the meaning of the word prompt.According to Google it can be a few things:

  1. To encourage
  2. To do without delay
  3. (This is common to Britain) Exactly on time

I will take it as the second of the three, seeing as this is an American site. So now is the time to do it.

To Flee

To flee, is to run. Run away from a challenge. It could be as simple as washing the dishes* or as deadly as running away from a man with a knife and yet its represented in different ways, for say it could be something funny. Comedians often use the idea of fleeing now days to represent something funny. This could be either of the two. A man may flee from his wife so he doesn’t do the dishes, which I`m sure many have seen a comedy scene or two showing this fun. Or it could be the man with the knife. Another could flee away and report it to the police. In the end it was just a tree.

*Sorry realised some may have no clue what I mean by that. I mean to wash the plates, cutlery and other items after eating a meal.

Though in both situations, fleeing was shown as the wrong thing to do. But what do you think? Do you think they should have taken flight and ran or should they have stayed and learned a lesson. Leave a comment. If you`d like to read more, dont take flight and follow.

Thank you


PS. I did this wrong, I think. Well who cares, worth a go!



Victory, a quite simple word. To win. But is it. Can you lose and yet still be victorious. I`d argue you can. Say for example you (Apologies this is subjective to people who like women) battle for the heart for a girl against someone else. You try your best and yet in the end the other guy is “victorious”. Yet the girl see`s you as the better even though you lost. You showed yourself trying your best to win her over. Even though you lost, you win her heart. Well that`s one case. Because she could end up picking the victor, then you realise that she is horrible. She bullies her partner.

Who is the victor in this case?

So in away to be the victor of one thing, may lose you another thing. Another example of this is exams. You may work so hard for one exam that you run out of time to revise for another. In the end you only achieve good grades in the first and fail the second.

Overall, to be the victor, may not be the best thing. Think about it, you have more pressure on you next time. Therefore the best position to be is dead centre, cause (let`s be honest) nobody wants to come at the back. Or do they?



Before I start. What do you want? Happiness? Love? Money? or something else?

Everyone wants something, even if they don`t admit to it. That rich man who is extremely happy and well loved will want something. He will want it to continue. The idea of to want is to hope for a better tomorrow, but does it always. Say for example a young girl wants to find love, she meets a boy and they go out together. Yet overtime the girl realises that she didn’t want that love. He may be forceful, or just to laid back. So in the end they split ways, shed a few tears. But overall is this what she wanted. To be sad at the end of the day and still without love.But maybe finding out what she wanted wasn’t what she expected was a good thing. After all, it allows her to be more cautious in the future.

Need. To need something is different to want something. To need is the necessities in life (food, water, shelter and clothes). You have no choice on having these , you quite simply need them to survive. Though you could argue that love is a “need” it isn’t. At the end of the day you can survive without love. Though again, you may not be as happy.

Happy. To want something is to often be happy. To have that chance at success and love. But at the end of the day, happiness is subjective and only ones true self knows what makes them happy.

So finally. What do you want? and why?