The Last Jedi teaser trailer

Episode 8 of Star Wars. One more till the big ending, unless of course Disney try to milk it even further (which they probably will). 

Anyway, the trailer was released Yesterday.

So, the first 45 seconds feel like we’re watching the next Harry Potter movie. The soundtrack, then the stones being lifted through the force. It just seems more like a Harry Potter adventure. 

Then we get to the juicy bit. I quote:

Luke “What do you see?” 

Rey “Light, Darkness, the balance” 


Anyway, I’m just going to ignore that. Because the next line is important. 

Luke “Its so much bigger” 

So I’m guessing theres like a steady gradient which goes through all the different levels of grey between light and dark. No, just me… 

Otherwise its useless. Before someone thinks. But Joe,  Kylo Ren said 

“I only know one truth, it’s time for the Jedi to end”

Now sure theres a few ways of connotating that. 

  1. He’s talking about them joining the sith
  2. They quit
  3. He goes and tries to kill them all

Hate to say it, but its probably the third one. Meaning there’ll be no difference at all between him and any other sith member. 

Actually looking back, there is one more little thing to say. We saw Fin, so we can assume he didnt die of his wounds, yet. The video showed him in what looked like a white med bay, but of course in Star Wars that could be just as simply be a fighter seat and he’s closing his eyes to use the force. Kinda hope its the second of two. As something is clearly going on there… 


Doctor Who? 

For those who dont know. Doctor Who is a TV show brought to life by the BBC. Its a world wide phenomenon shown across the world, from Japan to America. (As well of course its home country the UK).  A Sci-fi tv show which follows the adventures of a timelord. The Doctor. 

Now this is where it kinda gets a little odd. In simple terms he never really dies. Instead they change the actor every so often giving them new sidekicks and adventures. The current actor is Peter Capaldi. The one before him Matt Smith, before him David Tennant and so on.

Though there’s been one major issue (to the audience so far) we’ve only had men take his character role. So there’s been outcry pleading for a female character. Unfortunately I disagree with this. This is due to his mind frame. He’s a man not a woman. And it has been made clear (sorry cant give examples) that the timelords have genders. Therefore the only way I’d see a female doctor was if she acted like a stereotypical male adventure/crazy mechanic. For a recent reference to the sort of character I’m suggesting to look at the new ghost busters character Jillian Holtzmann. As she takes on the role a similar sort of role to what I’m discussing. 

But for me as a previously mentioned that is not the issue at hand. Instead I’m going to point out that its all been White males. Stuff gender. Race is the real issue for me anyway. Note I’m a white male, so stuff stereotypes for one second. 

Now sure there has been black characters. Such as Clara Oswalds boyfriend and in the upcoming series his new sidekick is a black woman. But zero black doctors. I’m fully aware I’m stabbing at the dark here. As I’ve heard no complaints about this before today. But surely a TV series made by the BBC especially one so long lasting can have at least one lead character that’s black. 

So there we have it. Doctor Who needs to regenerate back as a Black Woman.